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Hub 5 Issue

Joining in


I’ve been going in circles trying to fix this and was hoping someone could push me in the right direction.

Move from BT hub to Virgin Hub 5 today. BT was slow but worked. Installed the hub 5 today and everything connected fine APART from my PC. (Which is still working fine with BT) It just doesn’t show up at all when I look for networks. It fine my entire street it seems, but not the new hub.

The PC just cannot find the new hub, despite finding the old hub and other devices still find the new hub.

I’ve been into the setting and tried everything but nothing works. Rang support for my PC (still in warranty) and the they said must be a setting in the hub not working - since the PC is working with everything else (and work fine via Ethernet)

Any clues at all? I’ve booked an engineer but if it doesn’t get resolved I’m not sure if I’ll need a new WI-FI card or new hub?

Failing this - can I turn my hub into modem mode and pick up a router to make it work that way?



Some customers have added a "5" on to the end of the 5Ghz SSID to get the Hub 5 to offer & accept WiFi connections on both bands.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi ferb0, 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

We're sorry to hear your PC is having an issue with connecting to the WiFi on the Hub 5. As the Hub 5 is our latest hub, it does carry WiFi 6 technology and it's possible your PC is not compatible with this. A new WiFi card may be required. 

Are you able to connect up via an ethernet cable? If the PC is close enough to do this, it's certainly something worth doing as you will always get the best connection via ethernet. 

Please let us know how the engineer visit goes and if you need anything else, you know where we are. 


Forum Team

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