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Hub 5 Installaion

Tuning in

As a user of virgin since when it was NTL I thought I’d pass on my experiences with my installation of a new hub5

The hub arrived as promised and I connected the broadband up, switched on and waited for the hub to initialise which it did after 40 minutes, also received a text telling me it had completed

Went into the hub settings and changed first the hub password, then the Wi-Fi name, I still wanted my original name which consisted of both upper and lower case letters, 3 words separated with spaces then change the password to my old one, this caused me my first problem, to cut a long story short after a number of times resetting and looking on this forum for advice found a mention of spaces causing problems so I reverted back to the virgin ID and everything was ok with the Wi-Fi

My next encounter was the connect app which would not register so looked into the forum again following advice of clearing cache, deleting and reinstalling to no avail, finally came across a post which told me it takes time for the system to update and wait, this I did, trying everyday till today when it finally burst into life, 6 days after install

I thing that virgin needs a guide to tell you the above points which could save time and frustration because you need a lot of patience which is something I don’t have

The hub has worked flawlessly for a week and my Wi-Fi has vastly improved

One last point is that I do have pods working fine however connect app is showing a lot of unconnected items from equipment from years of custom and I would like to get rid of them from the system, I have looked in the forum for an answer but cannot find one so if anybody know how to please let me know and remember if you are going to install a new hub please be patient


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @BryanP1 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

The app gets information from the Hub. You'd need to log in to the hub settings and remove them from there 🙂

Forum Team

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