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Hub 4

I installed the new hub 4 on Monday and I'm tearing my hair out!! I only have WiFi in 2 rooms now. My living room and my bedroom. Both children are driving me crazy because they can't get online in their rooms. I've tried putting the hub 3 back in but it won't work. I've spent over 3 hours on hold to VM and nor got hold of a human yet! Anyone else having issues? 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Hub 4

This is a common issue with the Hub 4 going by the number of threads on here about its lack of Wi-Fi capability.

Just a few things that can affect Wi-Fi in the average home …

Mirrors, furniture, fish tanks, people, radiators, walls (some more than others), cordless phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens, fridges & freezers, TVs, next doors Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi equipment, DAB transmitters, the list is endless.


Many people have accepted that the VM Wi-Fi is poor and have purchased third party equipment that is much, much more powerful than the VM supplied kit and once set up have wondered why they waited for so long.


Mike Robinson
Retired Aircraft Engineer & Computer Based Training and Learning Designer for many of the world's Military Arms.

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