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Hub 4 suddenly stopped working..! Please Help..!

On our wavelength

Hello all.

I currently have a Virgin Media Hub 4.

I got up this morning 31st August 2023 to find that I have no WiFi or Internet connection.

I went through all the cable connection checks and restarting sequence to no avail. Apart from a steady white light, the hub has remained otherwise unresponsive. 

I also did an area service status check and that yielded nothing. 

I performed the remote test and am being told that there is a fault and an engineer visit is necessary. 

I have booked a visit for the earliest date on the 4th August 2023.

As a result, I will potentially be offline, without emails and landline phone for five days at the very least, and that with no guarantee that the issue will be resolved on the 4th.

The hub is obviously not responding at all, so I do not see why a visit is required to re-confirm the situation before action is taken to replace the hub.

I have tried contacting Virgin several times on 150, but I keep getting a voice response saying that my call can not be connected and I should try again later.

I feel that five days is a long time to wait for a response to this issue and would appreciate it if someone on the Virgin Forum team could please help with this matter. 

Thank you..



In case this turns out to be a fault affecting the street call 0800 561 0061 it is an automated fault service.

When a call to 150 does not work, we can also call 0345 454 1111 from a non-VM phone.

On our wavelength

Hello Client62,

Thank you for your reply. 

I doubt it is an issue affecting the street, but I will use the number if it turns out so. 


On our wavelength

Hello all,

This an update on my post about the terminally inoperative Hub 4.

A technician turned up promptly on the 4th as arranged.

He checked out the unit and immediately confirmed that it was indeed terminally bad.

I was given a replacement hub and am now back up and running after a painless amount of WiFi re-configuration.

I must say that I was rather impressed by the tech guy. He is a real GEEK.!!, and asset to the Virgin techies.

We engaged in some geek talk.... a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic guy. I made the most of the opportunity to pick his brains and gleaned a good deal from him.

It was a pleasant ecnounter, and the way it should be. I just wish it could be that way with all my encounters with VirginMedia.

Great shout out to Dave..!

Be blessed y'all.