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Hub 4 , resetting passwords and WiFi channel names

On our wavelength

Hi , is there anyone out here that knows why my new hub 4 keeps changing my passwords and my 2 channel (2.4 and 5 ) names back to factory names every so often . Very annoying as some of my WiFi connect devises won't sign back in as they don't recognize the factory names that the hub 4 keeps resetting them to. 

I have security cameras that won't work after the hub changes the channel name back to factory which is kind of pointless.  


On our wavelength

Is it the hub though as I've just had a brand new hub 4 about 6 weeks ago David_Bn

Hi @BobaSolo thanks for your reply.

It's difficult to say in this instance but if David_Bn has advised they've sent you a PM, please reply to their PM and they can continue to discuss things with you there.

Many thanks