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Hub 4 limitations

Hey all,

A couple of queries as new to Virgin Media. Firstly, I'm about to have the Gig1 installed soon and wanted to know about the isolator cable from the wall box to the Hub 4.
I know it's a coax F-type fitting, but is it male at one end and female the other? Or Male / male?

Secondly, Virgin advertise their Gig1 at an average speed of 1,140Mbps but how on earth is this possible when the LAN ports are 1000Mbps? I have an AX mesh system with a 2.5Gbps WAN so am I correct in saying technically the most I will get will be 950Mbps due to the Hub 4's hardware limitations? I hear the Wifi (5) from the Hub 4 isn't that great.

Any info much much appreciated!


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Hub 4 limitations

Yes you’ll be limited to around 940-980ish because of the gigabit ports on the Hub4. 

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