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Hub 4 and virgin boosters

Hi All 

I recently upgraded to virgin hub 4 and the Gig1 fibre broadband as I am working from home and have three others homeschooling online snd a partner who also works for NHS from home!

Although the wifi speed into the house is better none of the virgin boosters work snd I can not get connection into my summer house/man cave/ office and my son’s computer and PS4 now have very poor connection as they also relied on the boosters (one connected via Ethernet not connecting at all!)

is there anything I can do as I also have lots of smart plugs in use that also can’t connect!

any help or advice welcomed

kind Regards


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Re: Hub 4 and virgin boosters

Hi, as you’re on the gig1 fibre package you can ask for a free mesh system this should fix your issue as the plugs you’re referring to are quite old

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