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Hub 4 2 boosters problems wifi drop

Customer of Virgin for 19 years including prev NTL. Victorian town house.

Fibre from day one. Good service then. Problems off and on last two years with wifi. Signal dropping laptops showing connection but no connection. Spent about £150 on various boosters, extenders etc to no effect. Seemed to conflict with router.

Engineer came out eventually and said our connection was last in box as newer connections in advance of ours?? All good for a while after that.

Saw offer of booster and booked engineer to fit as fed up with poor service and being told to switch it off and on. Also affecting Nest Thermostat dropping signal.

Wired booster fitted (incl. rental cost) and all good upstairs (where main probem was) I am paying for 200mb. All ok for a while.

Offered Superhub 4 wth promise of better service 2 weeks ago.....

Installed hub and reset booster all good for a while.

Hub doesn't appear to like older equipment and any older laptops were dropping signal - newer equipment ok. Kitchen now no signal at all as TP Link appeared incompatible with new Hub so removed that.

Rang Virgin and after 1 hr wait spoke to staff who when I complained offered second booster which is now installed and service worked well for 2-3 days when it went haywire - continually dropping signal.

When using virgin speedtest on wifi close to hub getting 200mb but elsewhere 30mb.

Both wife and myself and son working from home - on Sunday son experienced complete loss of service - superhub 4 had to be reset to get internet up and running on work laptop - so not inly losing signal but affecting hub in some way that it has to be rebooted which can take 10mins

His employer says he missed 2 1/2 hours and his job was at risk.

Today newer laptops fine - older dropping signal - could it be something to do with frequency of booster or hubs??

I have wired connections into each floor but now dont have enough ethernet slots on hub as 1 to tv 1 to tivo 1 to booster leaving only 1 free socket.

Sister has just rung to say Sky have offered her 250 channels and 50mb broadband for half the cost of what I am paying Virgin.

At the minute almost impossible to get through to Virgin.

Son's threat of losing job is really the last straw given what we are paying.

ps Impossible to check service it seems on Hub 4 through app.



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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Hub 4 2 boosters problems wifi drop

So it’s just wireless issues?

Are wired connections working ok?

What make and model boosters etc. do you have that “aren’t compatible”?

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