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Hub 3 wifi speed to devices intermittent

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We have a Hub 3 - volt M250 package with one pod (awaiting delivery of a 2nd). The signal strength is so intermittent and slower than ever before.  I cannot get to speak to a real person!!  I have rest my hub, re connected the virgin connect app, and still the same issues keep occuring.  I can be in my office with a speed of 190, move towards the door and it goes down to 36!!  I even sat in front of the router this morning and SamKnows said input speed was 267 and my device was 60.

Also the app keeps loosing the pod intermittantly too.  This is driving me mad as so many devices at home rely on good internet speed.  

Any help greatly appreciated




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Even with pods the guaranteed speed is only 30Mbps to a single wireless device.

Which device were you using right next to the HUB?

If it's running on the 2.4Ghz band 60Mbps is good!

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I was using my iphone.  My office is now reading 189! I give up

If you access your HUB on, using the 'settings' password on the base (Not the WiFi password), you should see a 'Connected devices' section where you can see the speed each device is connected to the HUB.

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I have the exact same problem, done all the resets moving the Hub ect... getting absolutely unacceptable contract just expired, and they soon got in touch to let me know the price has gone up🤯😱