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Hub 3 - which Deco Mesh?

On our wavelength

Hi all

Since moving from my TalkTalk 75Mbps FTC and onto VM 280Mbps Full Fibre, our home wi-fi has been extremely unstable.  Also (and more the point of this question) where the TT router used to extend to all areas of the house (a 3 storey town house - new build) the Hub 3 seems to struggle to extend to the room next door!  

My wife and I both work from home and end up having to hotspot to a phone for many of our Teams calls as it gives us a better quality call than the VM broadband.

With an electric vehicle headed our way very soon I need to do something about this as the car will need to hook up to the home broadband for software updates etc.  Deco Mesh seems to be the way to go but there are many versions and I run out of tech nous.

So, any advice on which Deco to go for to cover a 3 storey house, 280Mbs, etc would be gratefully received.  I can then start worrying about how to connect it all up 🙂


@Jimmy44 wrote:

Hi there, thanks for the detailed instructions. 

I have successfully connected Deco E4 via ethernet to VMHub3 and get decent wifi, but whatever I try (VMhub3 as Router or modem and Deco E4 as the inverse of those) I get the same result: as a standalone router the VMHub3 gives me >125mb, but the Deco gives me ~70mb.  Is that just inherent in the mesh tech or am I doing something wrong?


The E4 has 10/100 Ethernet ports, not Gigabit, so you'll not see more than around 90Mbps:

EDIT: oops, duplicated!