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Hub 3 ,sky Q ,disconnection

Hi,l joined Virgin on Saturday from Sky, not good so far. Connection dropped as soon as engineers left. I work from home and need stable connection and this is not happening. 
l also have sky Q boxes and multi room and they keep disconnecting.

I chatted to Virgin again last night and they split my broadband and said connect work laptop to 2.4 today as lm further away from router however Sky has now decided to connect to that and it caused major issues last night and l had to switch router of and reboot all sky tv boxes too.


lm due to start work at 9 and will now need to use an Ethernet cable to make sure l don’t lose connection as l speak to clients via a vpn too . It’s all a mess. I have just tried to access router settings like l could with sky but it says someone else is already in .?

any ideas


im thinking l should of stayed with the poor service l had with sky and just used Ethernet at least l had free boosters etc

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Hub 3 ,sky Q ,disconnection

SkyQ will only connect to the 2.4Ghz band on a non-Sky broadband connection and hub.
It will only use the 5Ghz band on a Sky Broadband connection connected to a Sky Broadband Hub.

Is it just wireless that's dropping out or the connection as a whole (including wired connections)?

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