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Hub 3 shows all attached devices as being on wifi ?

Tuning in

Having a few issues and looking into the settings I've noticed that everything is listed as connected to wifi.

Every device is listed as connected to either 2.4 or 5 wifi despite the majority of them being connected via ethernet.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



The "Connected devices" page of our Hub 3 shows Ethernet with 100 / 1000Mb/s connections and WIFI 2.4 / 5G are shown with varying link speeds.

The network cabled devices shown as WiFi, are these connected via a network cable to a VM Pod or to some other brand of WiFi repeater ?   ( A clue might be the Hub 3 link speed is not 10/100/1000 )

Hi, thanks for your response.

I've since done a reset of the router.

It then proceeded to dl new firmware which I thought it was supposed to do itself.

It now reports what's on wifi and ethernet correctly.

I'm still coming to the conclusion that its a pile of poo as it still doesn't identify correctly by name and in the two sections where you can see what's connected the lists are different.

Hi @dholdi 👋 Thank you for your post 😀

We're sorry to hear about the issue you were experiencing, but we're glad it's been resolved thanks to the support of @Client62 👍

We always take on board feedback we receive and will certainly pass what you've advised along to the relevant teams. 

If you require any further assistance, please don't hesitate to pop back to us.



I'm very confused by the mention of firmware updates, this is not a user option for any VM Hub.

Could you post a screen shot of what you see on the router's connected devices menu, this would give us a much better clue as to what is happening.

Tuning in


I thought it had resolved the issue but it appears not.

Its now back to reporting everything on wifi.

I didn't instigate the update, following the hard reset it spent ages saying that it was updating on the router home screen.

I've attached some screenshots if that helps.



Hi @dholdi, thank you for your post.

We're sorry to see the problem has reoccurred 😔

Have you tried another reset since you posted?


Yes, resetting the router puts things back to normal - but only for a short while.

Hi dholdi, thanks for the message and sorry to hear that there is an issue with the WIFI. 

Can you run a speed test here and let us know the results. 


Tuning in

Hi Chris,

There isn't an issue with the wifi, the issue is that the hub periodically decides everything on my network is connected to wifi and not via ethernet as shown in the attachments above.

At the same time the connection speed between the hub and ethernet devices drops to 80 as per my other thread.

Currently all appears to be correct but it wont be long before it does it again.