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Hub 3, green flashing light (+ wifi green) - usual fixes unsuccessful

Tuning in

Hello All

Having a similar problem to other users - our Hub 3 router is showing a green flashing light (the wifi icon is also glowing green).

Checked with Virgin Media site (and the automated telephone line) both saying there are no issues in the area, but when you connect to the Hub is says 'Internet - no rf signal detected'

Have tried the various helpful suggestions on the VM site and this forum:

  • reboot router,
  • reboot router (leaving off for a couple of minutes)
  • check connections (also unplug and reconnect cable) and reboot,
  • reset router (10 seconds),
  • reset router (60 seconds) (this did reset to default, as I had to choose a language when I logged into it)

Sadly, none of these were successful. I have booked an engineer, but they are not due until Thursday - does anyone have any other suggestions I could try?

Thank you



Tuning in

Left the hub off overnight, and turned it back on this morning, and now it seems to be working fine (fingers crossed, touch wood)

However, I now can't find where to cancel the engineers visit (the confirmation emails just says 'To cancel or reschedule our visit, go to our appointment page to do so. - but the appointment 'link' doesn't go anywhere.)

On the VM Help page it talks about tracking engineer visits via the My Virgin Media app, but my phone is too old for this.

On the My Virgin Media site, under Order and Appointments, it just says I do not have any open orders.

Help please?

Hi WillBuf, 

Thanks for taking the time to post about your issues in the Community.

We're sorry to hear you were having issues with your internet connection but am glad to hear things are resolved for you now. 

We're sorry to hear the link wasn't working to cancel the engineer. As it does take us a few days to reach threads, anything time sensitive - you can speak to the team on 150 / 0345 454 1111. 

If you have any further issues, pop back and let us know so we can help further. 


Forum Team

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Hi Kath,

I am having exact same issue as WillBuff mentioned above. I have it once evry 3/4 months. Sometimes it takes 2/3 days sometimes fixes itself over night. 

Please help me.