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Hub 3 and WiFi Samsung printer

Relatively new Virgin customer and whilst I’m loving the cable tv ( was sky and got fed up every time it rained) ,the fast cable broadband, I’m getting really cheesed off with printing.  Or not !!

now when I switched from Bt I did have a bit of a wobble with the wireless printer, but sorted it by logging into my hub 3 and selecting the wps from there. All was good and I could print.

now all of  a sudden no printer can be found, although I can use WiFi direct via my Android phone.  I see that this is something that numerous people have mentioned on the forum, but virgin just don’t seem interested in actually sorting. They always seem to suggest something about the upstream?

can anyone actually say what the issue actually is and the correct solution 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Hub 3 and WiFi Samsung printer

One possibility is that the printer is 2.4GHz only and is getting confused by it having the same ssid as the 5GHz one.  So, go into the Hub3 settings and in smart wifi disable the "channel optimisation" and also rename the 2.4 & 5 GHz network ssid's (just change to summat like xxxxx2 & xxxxx5) with a password you like, save settings and restart Hub.  Over wifi you can then select the individual network that you want to connect any of your devices to.  Then select the xxxxx2 network on the printer and see if that works

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Re: Hub 3 and WiFi Samsung printer

Hi Onelastgo, 


Welcome to the forums, did the information jbrennand popped across help you to get things sorted? 


If you are still having trouble let us know and we will take another look for you all the best. 



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