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Hub 3 Wi-Fi constantly dropping

Joining in

My Wi-Fi has been constantly dropping for the last few months and I’ve tried everything Virgin have suggested. We have reset, re checked wiring, run reboots, factory reset- everything. We have a Wi-Fi booster in the house and a powered splitter as this was installed to ensure the network speed into the Hub was the correct levels. It doesnt appear to be an issue with the connection into the house, it’s just the Hub seems to be faulty and constantly dropping its connectivity. We are often only getting 0-30mbs even when stood next to the hub.  We have looked at connected devices and removed those that we could. Really not sure what to do now - any advice? Have had little help from the Customer service team in the past so not holding out much hope going through that channel! 



For our Hub 3 the greatest cause of Wi-Fi dropouts was Smart WI-Fi / Channel Optimisation and Auto Channels, both of these options result in random changes of channel and a drop out each time that occurs.

This is how we fixed that problem, the settings are applied in the Hub's menu :-