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Hub 3 Settings

Been trying for days to access Hub 3 - sometimes I get in to the "Welcome" screen, then it freezes  - mostly it doesn't get to the URL at all.

Does anyone have an idea what's going on, this happens pretty often though on rare occasions it all works fine.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Hub 3 Settings

Do a pinhole reset to factory settings. Push in the pin on the back/side/bottom of the Hub with the end of a paperclip until you feel it at the “stop point” and hold for a "timed" 60 seconds do NOT restart the Hub after that. Your passwords/passphrase for both Hub and Wifi will revert to those printed on the Hub sticker on its base/side/drawer.
See if that helps. If not try accessing settings with a laptop connected by ethernet cable directly to the Hub and with a different browser with a clear cache.

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