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Hub 3 Red Light

Joining in

Hello, I constantly have a red light on the hub.  I have had this for several weeks now.  I have reset, rebooted, unplugged and left switched off for an hours, plugged back in and tried again but the red light returns.  It is in a well ventilated place and is in the open.  I have read it could be overheating.

Having a few issues and when running the test on the equipment, it says it sees an issue with the connection.

The hub doesn’t seem hot, but a constant red light cannot be right


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi trainenthusiast, 

Thanks for posting, and welcome to the Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear you're seeing a red light on your Hub after attempting reboots, and factory resets. Whilst this light doesn't always indicate overheating, it can indicate that there is a problem with the internals of the Hub.

I'm going to send you a private message, so we can book a Technician to come and replace this for you. Please look out for it in the top-right, white envelope.


Reece - Forum Team

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi trainenthusiast 👋

Thank you for your quick responses to my private messages. I'm glad we have been able to get the ball rolling in getting this resolved. Please do let us know how things go after your Technician visit, and we'll do our best to assist further, if needed.


Reece - Forum Team

New around here? To find out more about the Community check out our FAQ

I have had the same issue and tried to speak to Virgin a few times but it's never fixed itself after carrying out many reboots. 

Hi Kswaddle1990,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry you are still having this issue with the hub. 

I am happy to take a look into this for you. 

I will private message you now.