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Hub 3 - Orange light, not working

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When hub 3 switching on - the main LED is constant Orange.
After half a minute or minute - it set 2-3 other LED indicators to be green, then red, then off. And then only main power LED still does Orange.
The hub itself does not work, does not provide any internet or connection to anything.

Did reset routine forteen times, holding fomr 5 to 90 seconds. No difference. LED going off when in reset mode. Once reset button released - starting with Orange again. All the same.

Left HUB switched off for few hours, then switched it on - the same. 


There is a good topic that describe similar symptoms.

The only thing I got from that thread, that to get help from technician - you need to post a new topic and wait for someone to notice/reply on it. 
It is quite upsetting having no internet at home at all. Still paying for it)


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Seems there is a way to book a technician on the website, once you pass through "generic" check of turn it off and turn on again.

I would prefer to talk to some one to be sure that technician is someone i really need. But still not the worst option, as there are appointments withing 2 working days!

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi bununduk13, thanks for your posts on our forums and for joining the VM community.
Nice to have you on board with us. 🙂

We're sorry to hear of the issues with your hub and connection recently, we'd love to assist you.
Could you please confirm if you've managed to book a technician visit online or need help with that?

We'd only allow to book this if we identified a fault that requires an appointment from our techs, have you also checked on the service status page in your area for outages that might relate to this?

Let us know how you get on, happy to advise further.

Forum Team

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