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Hub 3 - Modem mode

Joining in

I have a Hub 3 and recently added a Deco M4 mesh system to my home network. I now need to put my Hub 3 in Modem Mode for this to work properly. [This was advice from Deco support, in order to get my NAS and my Sonos system to work properly with the Deco mesh.]

My questions:

  1. Other posts in this forum say that, when the Hub 3 is in Modem Mode, only one Ethernet port on the Hub 3 will work (the one used to connect it to the Deco).
    • Is this correct?
    • If so, how do I know which port to use? (other than trial-and-error)
    • Am I correct that I then need a network switch, connected to my Deco, for all other ethernet-connected devices?
  2. Once I have the Hub 3 in Modem Mode, can I access the IP address for its control panel via the WiFi SSID from my Deco? (i.e. Is that IP address "visible" from the Deco subnet?

Thank you,