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Hub 3 - Modem mode stopped working after 2 years

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Hi all.

A couple of weeks ago the modem mode of my Hub 3 stopped working after 2 years of running without problem. I use the Hub 3 in modem mode with an Asus RT-AC86U connected to it. I use the RT-AC86U along with 2 other RT-AC86U's to provide a Wireless Mesh system in my house.

I am aware that around the time my modem mode stopped working Asus pushed out a bad firmware upgrade to their routers. Thus, I have reset all 3 of my Asus routers to factory defaults and flashed them with the latest Merlin firmware. However I still cannot get any internet connection from my Hub 3 when it's set to modem mode. When I put it back into router mode it works fine, but of course I can't use my Asus routers as a Mesh any more and am stuck with the Hub 3's lacklustre WiFi.

When I have the Hub 3 in modem mode and connect an RT-AC86U to it then the Asus router admin page says "Your ISP's DHCP does not function properly".

Does anyone have any experience with this issue? Is it a setting in either the RT-AC86U's or the Hub 3? Is my Hub 3 faulty? I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions. I did contact Virgin Media by phone when the issue first happened and the person I spoke to was friendly and helpful but completely untrained and unable to help beyond setting up monitoring of my connection for a few days, which showed no problems.



Alessandro Volta

connect only a PC to the hub and change to modem mode to get that working then login to your Asus router find clone MAC option to copy your MAC to router and connect your router to hub.


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Very Insightful Person

I imagine that message means your router cannot see the internet. Try looking at the settings of your router to make sure it’s in router mode and a DHCP client.

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Can you try using one of the other RT-AC86U as the main router?

This would rule out any MAC address issues.

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Thanks for the suggestions folks, I'll try those out when I get home later. Not getting notifications of replies any more with this awful new community forum >_<