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Hub 3.0 settings password not working

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I cant change the password on my Hub 3 like many other people here. tryed everything and nothing works.


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Looking around this site so many people are having this problem and its been going on for years and im wondering why this has not been fixed

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Well as i am the only one here i might as well talk to myself. Do virgin use really bad modems or is it just some kind of rubbish software ?

The modem bit is fine, just badly paired with buggy software and an underpowered, flawed and overworked CPU. Long live modem mode.

TV, Phone and Broadband using the Hub 3.0 in modem mode, with a Newifi D2 running Openwrt (FTTP/RFoG).

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The old hub i removed was great no problems at all. Now i have this rubbish that a lot of people are having problems with

Indeed. The pre 3.0 hubs used different chipsets and firmware. From what I remember, the firmware was just rebranded and customised by the OEM for VM/LG - Broadcom IIRC. Although it also had some issues, it was nowhere near as buggy as the newer intel puma "Let's go boom'er" based hub 3 and 4 by Arris/now CommScope.

Sadly the hub 5s even though using a Broadcom chipset have been given the VM/LG treatment with the horrid and buggy UI from the older hub shoehorned on top, adding new "features" bugs along the way.

TV, Phone and Broadband using the Hub 3.0 in modem mode, with a Newifi D2 running Openwrt (FTTP/RFoG).

Hi there, 

We're sorry to hear you are having an issue with changing the passphrase on your WiFi. 

This link will help you to update this. 

If you have any further issues, come back and let us know. 


Forum Team

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Joining in

My attempts to use my hub 3.0 password keeps giving me an incorrect password message, even though I'm copying it directly from the hub itself

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Mark761, 

Thank you for reaching out to us here on the community. 

We are sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue when using the password. 

To confirm, is this when you attempt to access your Hub settings via browser? If so, please ensure you are using the settings password and not the WiFi password. 

Also, if the Hub is in modem mode, you will need to use in your browser. 

Thank you,