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Hub 3.0 problem or phone problem weird **bleep** still

Joining in

Long story short, laptop and stuff connect just fine to the internet, at least I can actually get on here to type this out. However my phone is left on connected no internet, both are in the same room and on at the same time so wth is up with this **bleep** lol. Currently, on the settings webpage thing for the hub, my phone shows up as being connected with some speed. In reality there's no internet provided to make use of the damn thing. Any of you been through something similar? (I'll grab some screenshots eventually and repost)



Hub 3 does not contain any kind of speaker / beeper.

Is it your mobile phone that is emitting a beep for some kind of alert or notification ?

It would not be the first time a hard to pin point beep has turned out to be a low battery in a smoke detector or carbon monoxide alarm .

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @adkins thanks for your post here although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

As @Client62 has said, we definitely don't have a beeping noise from the Hub 3 so if this is from your phone, it may be signifying the error connecting to the WiFi itself.

If it's just your phone not connecting, then definitely it is a device issue but we'll do our best to try and help here.

What error if any do you receive when trying to get onto the WiFi please? 

Many thanks