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How to get support

I have never experience d such terrible support from a company!

constantly being cutover

Eventually talking to remote support who run a check adk the same inane questikns and pass you over to repeat the sane after a age waiting

eventually promised an actual tech return call that just never comes

now i cant even get inna wsiting list

if i could get through i would cancel the whole thing

im so frustrated i an stopping my direct debit and let them chase me for a change

dies anyone know any backdoor to actually get support

even twitter is now ignored

i expect covid 19 will be ysed as an excuse - pathetic effort from Virgin


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Re: How to get support

So cancelling your direct debit will only hurt you in the long run - it won't hurt VM - i would advise against cancelling it.

If you want some help narrowing down what the issue is with your connection it would be useful to get some more information about the problems you're having..

VM staff do participate in this forum, but it can take a few days for them to get to your post and in the meantime, you can provide a lot of information/detail about the issue, hopefully shortening the time it will take them to act once they do get to your post, because most/many of their questions will already be answered..


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