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How to Send an Email to Virginmedia

All I want to do is email virginmedia with my issue, I don't want an online chat (if I could find it), I don't want a phone call, JUST EMAIL.


I have a Super Hub 2ac, the VirginMedia Connect app expects a Hub 3 - so that's useless to me, no way i can get the app tio help VirginMedia understand my bleeping problem. 

My house wifi is awful, and has been for too long. All I want is someone who is taking £80 a month from me to actually look at the situation and do something about it. When BT says their wifi will reach everywhere in your house, some days I think, that's it time to move on, let someone else who gives two pence a shot. There is a link to do something about boosters and some other term - look like mushrooms, but that is broken (404) so all in all rubbish. I've tried home plugs (tp-link) and well I'm underwhelmed by them, can never get more than a base and second plug to work together.


SO, virginmedia - someone read this and do something, just anything.


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Re: How to Send an Email to Virginmedia

you can't
there is no email address.


VM do not gatantee any wifi. So what speeds do you get wired


Also BT don't guarantee wifi. Its all covered in BTs small print

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Re: How to Send an Email to Virginmedia

Put the hub into modem mode and get your own router or mesh system. Problem solved. 

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