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How long will it take for new install to reach normally available speed?

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Just upgraded to Gig1, all set up okay. Set it up about an hour ago. WiFi speed seems to be variable depending on device so no complaints there. Best speed I got on ethernet is just under 900Mbps.

Contract states "normally available speed" as between 1077 - 1139 Mbps. Would it take a day or two to get up to around that?


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Very Insightful Person

No, VM internet does not work like that, it’s immediate. Unless you are using socket 4 on a Hub5 you will never get higher than 940 on a single wired connection due to overheads. What is not stated by VM is that the speed is for simultaneous multi device connections, not just measured with one device.

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What does this site show?

Do you have a HUB 5?

Is there a device with a 2.5Gbps Ethernet port plugged into the 2.5Gbps Ethernet port on the HUB 5?

Wi-Fi speeds depend on the HUB you have (HUB 4 = Wi-Fi 5, HUB 5 = Wi-Fi 6) and the capability of your wireless devices.

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To explain what Tudor has said, the total downstream throughput available in a non-congested area is around 1.1 Gig.  If you have several concurrent downloads running, then they might well aggregate to 1.1 Gig.

A speed test is at the mercy of the site that provides the test.  It's likely, but I don't know this for a fact, though, that their output ports are rate limited to 1 Gig.


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