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How do I get a Hub 5 - Virgin Media Refuse to provide me with one, despite being on Gig1 Fibre

Tuning in

As the subject states, I am on Gig1 Fibre, however virgin media will not replace my Hub 4.  In a recent telephone call with a customer services representative, they stated the Hub 4 is compatible (it is true, it is, it just has a bottleneck of 1000Mbps in its switch), and they confirmed their understanding of 1Gbps meaning 1000Mbps, and that I would not be receiving the full service, yet still were unable/unwilling to provide a Hub 5.

I should also point out, as someone has posted a response that was helpful in a sense, that I use the hub in modem mode, with the switch on the back of the hub as an uplink to a much more powerful router, and more complex network than most home users will have.

Virgin Media Advertise the Gig1 Fibre service as:-

17 x faster: Virgin Media Gig1 Fibre Broadband (avg 1,130Mbps) vs UK average speed 8-10pm (63.4Mbps)


(Gigabit Broadband | £0 Setup | August 2023 - Virgin Media)

They also have a FAQ post back in 2021 stating:-


How can I get a Hub 5? / I’m on Gig1 Fibre and need the Hub 5 to maximise my service


(Virgin Media Hub 5 router - Virgin Media Community)

and another page regarding existing customer broadband deals, state:-

What do you get with a Virgin Media Hub 5?

Meet the Hub 5, ready to serve up Gig1 Fibre Broadband,


(Virgin Media Hub 3, Hub 4 & Hub 5 | Hub Swaps & Upgrades)

I am pretty sure I could find more examples of this, but it is abundantly clear that in order to receive the full capabilities of the Gig1 Fibre service, you have to have been issued with a Hub 5, yet you refuse to provide those to your existing customers, instead prioritising your new customers?   Their is a fibre internet provider currently building out their network in my area, and if thats how you deal with existing customers, i have a feeling I will be going with them, running your service side by side, and then cancelling your service at the first opportunity, all because you wont provide the hardware that will allow me to fully use your service.

So far, I have spent nearly 2 hours on phone calls, to 3 customer service staff, getting absolutely nowhere.  They in fact are rude, and despite having confirmed what I have said, appear unable or unwilling to help, but they are more than happy to keep you on hold for 30 minutes.



Tuning in

Virgin Media, and their practice of bottlenecking services, based on the hardware we are forced to use, because they wont upgrade based on your service.  I spent over an hour today, trying to tell them that a service that claims an average of 1130Mbps, cannot be served by a Hub 4 with a 1000Mbps switch.  This is commonly known as a bottleneck.     I had some tool in the Philippines or Malaysia telling me he had a Batchelors degree in "I.T.", despite being on first line customer services for faults, yet didn't appreciate that you cant get a service with an average bandwidth of 1130 down a Hub 4's switch, bottlenecked to 1000Mbps.   Batchelors degree from the university of bull cack.

this post had the word scumbag in the title. virgin removed it, because virgin don't like people calling out their poor customer service for what it is, publicly.

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Technically you can get full speed across multple devices at the same time, so you are getting full service.

For example, if you do a speed test on two wired devices you'll see 1130 - 1150Mbps across both.

Not if the Hub 4 is in modem mode, connected to a mikrotik router, more than capable of routing 10's of Gbps, which in term feeds a 10Gbps uplinked switch.  So you are right if you are not running a complex network, however in my case, i am.

VM confirm your service in router mode, or over the VM network to the HUB.

When you use modem mode you are using third party kit they don't support.

I know it's wrong however technically you are getting full service.

Just keep persisting and you'll probably get a HUB 5 eventually.

I don't expect them to support my kit, I expect them to provide a modem that is capable of providing the full service, not some of the service.  If their average is 1130 Mbps, but they only provide a modem that has an uplink of 1000Mbps, the modem doesn't provide all the bandwidth that the service is capable of, hence a bottleneck.  This wouldnt be an issue, if i could go and buy a modem capable of it myself, but I can't the ISP has to provide it, so they should provide suitable kit, not kit that almost gets all of the service.

Tuning in

I have no idea why they’re not sending you the hub 5. I contacted Virgin Media via WhatsApp and asked for the hub 5 and there were no issues at that end and I received the new hub. I am on the same boat as you in regards to having a complex network and even cosmetically the hub 4 uses so much space when placed in a server rack. The only problem I had though with the hub 5 is that it doesn’t currently work properly with the VM phone service, so I had to be moved back to my old hub 4 for the time being.

I would contact VM via WhatsApp, it’s genuinely easier than talking to them on the phone.

Thankfully i dont use their phone service.  They brought up the date i received my Hub 4 (may 2021), so i suspect that what is actually going on is that they dont like sending customers hubs if they have only had them x years, regardless of if their service now exceeds the original hubs specs (in a complex network).


You might very well think that if a Hub 4 failed, it would be replaced with a Hub 5.

I couldn't possibly comment.