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Hive Problems.. figured it out I

Joining in

I thought I would post this it may help others.  Just had the 1gig service installed yesterday, got to say the installer was brand new and went the extra mile for me regarding hooking the connection up, mind you I seen him OK..all that aside.

Tidied up my rats nest of cables this morning and couldn't get my Hive to connect to the router, scoured on here for the answer and didn't see anything, tried all the usual, switching off, rebooting and so on.. had a look at the back of the router and there are 4 ports, one is a 2.5 gig hi speed port, guess what one the Hive was plugged into, so swapped that over to standard port and it connected straight off, my PC runs fine so far on the hi-speed port.

It's an idea to buy a 4 port switch if you have multiple connections going into your router, just incase whatever you plug into the hi-speed port doesn't work, just plug your switch into one of the ports (not hi-speed) and you will have 7 ports in total. Amazon have a TP Link 4 porter on for under 11 quid just now.. I'm not very good with computers but I thought I would post this just in case you run into the same issue as me.  Cheers ..S.....


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @Stuartbarriskel, and a very warm welcome to you!

Good job on finding a solution to a problem that may effect other users, and for having the courtesy to share it with fellow and future Forum users.

Do feel free to free to report back to our Community Forums, with any other helpful workarounds and if you have any issues with our services.

Kindest regards,