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Re: Hitron GUI Issues


I'm too weary to tell you all of the things that have gone on in the process other than:

  1. the first line of support is incompetent. Sometimes it looks like lying - but it is lack of skill, and poor training - which is down to incompetent management.
  2. the interaction with the 85006 TXT service is highly unreliable - although I suspect they get all the messages. Just the responder has bugs.
  3. the VB Business Organisation has yet to live up to any of the deadlines they have set themselves. This journey started on the 10th of July.

In an hour or so, when I am suitably fortified with enough coffee, to endure the call wait, I will be cancelling due to breach of contract. It would have been nice to have a working router that would allow me to use the fixed IP I paid for, but I'll solve it as i did before with DDNS - Virgins loss.  I work in the IT business, and  if anyone asked me should I go for Virgin Business, the answer will be a resolute no.  I paid a premium, for support and a fixed IP.  You are better off with a the residential offer ( VAT is included, and at least you know where you stand - service will be via this type of forum, where their customers do the work for free). 


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