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Hitron Chita regular rebooting.

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Hi all, 

I have had Virgin Business broadband installed on the 17th of December and from the offset had issues with the router completely rebooting itself approximately every 2 hours leaving us without internet and phone lines for roughly 5 to 10 minutes at a time.  I contacted  technical support who blamed our 2 hardwired network printers and suggested I contacted Xerox, reluctantly I disconnected the printers and it still rebooted.  I phoned back and they told me they "boosted" the signal and to wait a few hours, again this felt like I was being fobbed off.  After phoning again and moaning they organised an engineer to come out. He came out on the 24th and tested the line quality etc and stated that everything connection wise was perfect so concluded I had faulty hardware so changed the router for another Hitron Chita.  Unfortunately we are still experiencing exactly the same problem which is a major headache - not so much losing the internet, but losing the phones are a major inconvenience. I have created a connection monitor and uploaded the chart which has been running since this morning.Connection.png

Anyone had similar issues, or can give me any advise?



Alessandro Volta

You need to contact the business support team. This forum is for residential services. 

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Is there such a thing? I phoned the business helpline and chose option 4, explained the issue to them and they transferred me to what seemed like regular support, they were clearly not very familiar with the hardware and even my modest knowledge of routers etc seemed well beyond them.


Hi THAtNewlands,

Thank you for reaching back out to us, we would advise reaching back out to our business team either by calling or you can also reach therm Via Twitter at @VMBusinessHelp, you can also find further support around the Hiton Chita and Virgin Media Business here?




Tuning in

Hi it sounds like I’m having the same issues. I’ve had my Chita fitted in august and for the past 3 weeks I have had to reboot the router Atleast once every 12-18 hours. 
did you manage to find a fix?

Virgin media have come out 5 times and always done something different. They even changed the router. I never had this issue with my old Hitron router. 

please advise what steps you took. 

Hey Sacchinn, unfortunately we don't look after business customers through this channel.

As mentioned above I would reach out to the business team again on 0800 052 0800 or via our Twitter page @vmbusinesshelp.

Please do keep us updated on how you get on. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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I seem to be having the same issue. Mine isn't rebooting regularly. Sometimes it works just fine for a few days, then reboots twice during the day. I can't get to the bottom of the problem. Have you guys figured out what it was?

Many thanks in advance.


It’s definitely issues with VM and they don’t want to solve it or don’t know how. 
I think it’s a DNS issue. I was advised elsewhere to put the router in modem mode and purchase my own router. I’ve done this and it’s been over a week with 0 issues. Looks like problem solved. Send me a message if you need more advice. 

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Very Insightful Person

Hi Peter,

I hope one of the previous posters can advise by as per the other posts on this thread you really should contact VM business  - these forums are for residential customers. They aren't connected with VM Business which is a separate company, with separate systems. Also there is no support for the Hitron Chita as it isn't used for residential/domestic customers.

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Thank you very much for your reply @Sacchinn. Unfortunately, I have a static IP address, so the modem mode is not available for me 😞