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High latency / packet drops over last two weeks

My VM Fibre broadband (installed many years ago) has gotten very choppy over the last couple of weeks.  The download speed holds ok at the 100Mb rated speed (though for a couple of hours last week it crashed to 20Mb) but the latency is very wobbly and I get dropped packets.  This is very noticeable as I work from home via remote desktop and often keystrokes are delayed/dropped altogether on the remote machine.

This is right now - we can see average latency has gone wild and there are numerous dropped packets


Looking back at a bad day last week we can see a very bad window 10-12AM


Bad morningBad morning

According to SpeedTest the upload speed is around 1Mb.

FAQ: Have I tried restarting the router? Yes

Any suggestions on how to approach this problem appreciated.


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