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Hi, while trying to set up virgin connect app I seem to have changed the WiFi network name.

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so now I have a router with one name/password, and a second name but no password.

the pc is connected to the router so no problem.

 However all the other WiFi connections (laptops, play station) are now disconnected and asking me for the password… which I don’t have.

 I seem to have changed the WiFi network name whilst trying to set up the Virgin connect app.

any help would be greatly appreciated. I guess I need to change the WiFi network name back to the original router one but I’m not really tech savvy 😊 many thanks 




Use the VM connect app or ( with a laptop network cable connected ) the Hub's menu at and change the Wi-Fi  name / password back to the original values & all your devices will reconnect.

If you get totally stuck - a 60 second press on the Hub RESET button & then just leave the Hub to recover should revert it to the shipping condition and back to the original passwords as per the Hub sticker.