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Help with wifi

Joining in

New VM customer.  Hub 3, tv and landline.  Landline finally connecting incoming calls, hib speeds fantastic, but the wifi 😫


Hub 3 with a single pod, but just so unstable. Keeps dropping.  Connect tests are hit and kiss as phone has dropped out.


Any advice greatly appreciated as I am lost as to what to try now to get wifi round the house.  It isnt hpuse construction as had BT hub 5 which worked brilliantly with 2 discs (pods).


Please help !!!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Nemosam1 👋,

Welcome back to our Community Forums and thanks for your post.

I am sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with WiFi.

How are things on a wired connection?

We have some tips 👉 here on how to improve your WiFi. 

Let me know if that helps!

Forum Team

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Have reset via pinhole and port forwarded to xbox series s.  Wifi keeps dropping still, mqinly seen by son on the xbox as he just gets kickex out of his games.


Frustratingly never had issues with BT hub.

Very slowly getting somewhere...just need the xbox connection to stop dropping out now.


Any help appreciated

Hi Nemosam1

Thank you for your reply.

Do you have our connect app?

If not, we would recommend downloading this and you can check the WiFi there and order pods if needed.

There is more information here 

Vikki - Forum Team

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Yes, I have connect and a pod.  Getting c250MB in the room with the xbox, it is just the drop outs which are infuriating, given the coverage seems more than adequate.

Alessandro Volta

VM go with speed not dropouts by the hubs poor wifi there are however better wifi routers out their for a more stable connection over wifi.


I am sure there are, but why dont VM provide as we pay for the service.  Speed is only good if the wifi doesnt keep dropping out.  Seems to have stabilised for everything bar the xbox now.

So after watching my wifi connection on my phone during these drop outs, it seems I am connected to the router at 175mb, and have "connected, no internet" status.  Maybe the wifi is ok and it is the router connection to the web that is the issue.

Hi Nemosam1

Thank you for reaching back out, we are sorry to hear your Sons Xbox is still facing issues with the WiFi even though the speed in that room is OK, have you tried connecting the Xbox Via a Ethernet cable to see if he still faces issues?