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Help connecting multiple devices

Hello, I'm struggling and hope someone can help me.

I've had just the superhub 3 for ages but I am becoming aware the hub has limitations so I've ordered in a wi-fi router and plan to put the superhub 3 in modem mode. Trouble is I also have a Vonage device currently attached to my superhub 3 to use VoIP. 

My question is, will I need to attach the Vonage device to the new wi-fi router or keep it attached to the superhub 3, and will they all play nice together?


Thank you for your help!

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Re: Help connecting multiple devices


When the superhub is in modem mode, you can connect only one device to it and that would be your new router. Then everything else will connect to the router. Think of it as a replacement to your superhub, while the superhub itself will be only an intermediary device providing a translation between the coaxial cable and the Ethernet WAN port on your router.