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Having to reset router nearly every week

Joining in

I've been with Virgin for about 4 months and at the start it was fine no issues then about 2 months in I constantly get these lag spikes where I basically lose Internet connection despite it indicating I'm connected. Games wouldn't work and websites wouldn't load only solution they had was reset the router but now it's happening every week and I'm forced to reset my router every time. 

Anyone else have this issue? 



Local Fault ?

Call the automated number 0800 561 0061 to see if there is fault in your street.

Hub Signal Level Checks

Via connect to the Hub in Router mode, do not login in, scroll down to "Check router status"     Use for a Hub in Modem mode

Using the Hub's "Check router status" tabs check the Downstream and Upstream power levels are in spec.

( If already logged in to the Hub menu, the same info is available at : Advanced settings >>> Tools >>> Network status )

Downstream Power Levels of -7 to +7 dBmV are preferred, +10dBmV is the max acceptable, with a SNR of 33dB or higher across all DOCSIS 3.0 channels. Rising error counts across many channels is a current service noise fault.

Power Levels of 35 to 49 dBmV are preferred, with QAM 64 Modulation mode across all four to six DOCSIS 3.0 channels.  Seeing QAM 32/16/QPSK is a current service noise fault.  Seeing less than four DOCSIS 3.0 channels is usually a signal level fault.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi EdiTWD,

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

We're sorry to hear about the issues you have been having with your broadband connection.

Checking our systems, I can see that there is a fault open that is affecting you. The details of that are here: 

  • ➡ Fault reference number: F011024638
  • ➡ Estimated fix time: 30 OCT 2023 09:00
  • ➡ Description: You might find that your Virgin Fibre, Voice and Virgin TV services are intermittent, with the picture freezing or disappearing now and then. We are sorry and our engineers are working hard to resolve this for you.

There is a note of this on your account so the relevant teams are aware you are affected and this will ensure the account is assessed automatically for automatic compensation once the fault is closed as resolved. You can view more information on this, as well as the eligibility criteria here 👉 Automatic Compensation

If there is anything else we can do, let us know. 😊


Forum Team

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