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Half speed only on Wi Fi



My Hub 3 has always had good speeds; around 540mbs on ethernet and around 500mbs+ on wi fi; but in the past 3 days I still get around 540mbs on ethernet but only around 280mbs on wi fi - anyone got a answer to how I can correct this?

thanks in advance

regards John


Up to speed

WiFi speeds are never guaranteed. There's a chance that there's nothing wrong but just that there's some kind of interference whether that's your neighbours WiFi or some other device or applicance causing you trouble. 

If speed is a priority then a wired connection would always be preferable. But you could certainly try things like switching your router off and back on to see if it changes anything, as well as making sure the hub is unobstructed, ideally high off the ground, not shut into cupboards or hidden behidn TVs, and not near things like microwave ovens, cordless phones etc. that are known to cause interference. 

You can also try going into your hub settings and manually changing the WiFi broadcast channels after scanning with the use of a third party app to look at what channel numbers are not congested in your area. I Personally use 'WiFi Analyser' but there's lots of others available. 

The wi fi speed has been fine for years but suddenly in the last 3 days it has halved - I have done all the checks you stated (& more) but to no avail - it just seemed to have halved recently!

Problem is - someone could move in / get new wifi equipment near to you and royally mess up your speeds due to channel congestion!

Hub 3 - Modem Mode - TP-Link Archer C7