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HUB5 , 2.5G working, 5G not. Cant even change the settings.

Tuning in

Hi Guys,

5G was working fine, then boom today. Nada. Restarts dont work either.

I can change settings for 2.5G but the 5G is greyed out and its not even broadcasting anymore!
Cant see how to fix it. Its like its no longer supporting 5G



Its 100% configured but just cant change anything or even find the SSID on devices anymore.






Disable Channel Optimisation - that should free up the Wi-Fi settings.

Note changing the SSID on a Hub 5 causes the Wi-Fi to fail.  Does the Hub 5 have a "Restore default" menu option ?  If not a 60 second press on the rear Reset button may revive the 5Ghz Wi-Fi.

Thanks, Weirdly i just found the issue.
The "Smart Wifi" option was randomly on today. This apparently bonds the 2.5 and 5G into one SSID making 5G unusable on the settings page.

Changing that has now enabled me to again have separate 2.5 and 5G SSID's


Thanks for posting and updating our community forums with your resolution. We appreciate you and our other community members for all their help and advice as this will help any other members in a similar situation as yours.

If you have any further issues, please pop back here and we'll assist as much as we can.

Kind regards Jodi.