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HUB 5 errors mistakes or trial test

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I had some many of this hubs. I had power issue in the house. My electrician turn power off and turn back in. I did try restoring factory reset of the hub and then connect to WiFi no chance at all network wire fine but no WiFi at all. I plugged extra router to the hub 5 and runs fine on old hub was everything brilliant. For over two years l was using this old hub. I did upgraded to 1gb as l was told m500 can't handle 3 network cameras NVR and IP camera + together about 50 smart devices switches sensors smart plugs and extension leads. Changing didn't bring any effects is the same as it was. The internet is not stable at all as it was. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You have been sold a pup. Those devices only send a very small amount of data out to the internet, most of the data will just be local lan data. As to your problem it looks like a circuit problem to me. Please provide some stats.

How to get stats from a VM hub (no need to logon to the hub)

Open a web browser and go to router mode or modem mode

  • Click on the “> Check router status” button
  • Click on the “Downstream” tab, copy the text and paste into your reply, do not take a screen shot
  • Click on the “Upstream” tab, copy the text and paste into your reply
  • Click on the “Networking” tab, copy the text and paste into your reply.
    • Do NOT post photos or screen shots they will be rejected as they contain MAC addresses. The board software will automatically change MAC addresses to **:** if done as above.

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