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HUB 5 Suddenly stopped working upstairs

Joining in

In the last few days all laptops \ PCs stopped connecting to my hub 5 upstairs and in my home office. 

TP Link extenders 550 and 580 also stopped working and will not reconnect to the hub, even after hard reset (They go through the motions and find the 2.4g signal, looks like its working but after completing setup there is no connection, and an error between router and repeater is reported. Tried with url, android app and using WPS - nothing works, its not a range issue as im 5ft away!) 

I'm an IT pro and work from home, my office is upstairs and over last few days internet connection has been dropping constantly - Im now in a position where I have no internet connection for PCs upstairs

Have used the android app and run "check my setup" it reports v low upload connection upstairs (16.5mbps and 10.3mbps download) 

I have Volt package and Ive checked the backend speed out the router which is ~1129 upload 112- Download speed laptop downstairs is ~230 upload 102, from Havent held a connection long enough to check a laptop upstairs

Ive got 6 laptops and Ive been walking them up and down the stairs all day - each will connect downstairs but lose the connection when I get to the stop of the stairs. 

NB: Often then need to forget the network to get the connection back (even after running ipconfig release & renew to clear the cache) 

my android phone appears to be ok, and doesnt lose connection - which maybe doesnt help because although the app  can give me connection status, its for the phone so im not seeing\reporting whats happening with the PCs.

As I said all has been good for >12 months, up until a few days ago. Nothing has changed or moved inside the property, no new kit or changes to furniture - Im in a semi, my attached neighbour oap is unlikely to have got anything thats hurting the signal) 

Any ideas ? 




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @oldnich 👋,

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

I am sorry to hear you have been experiencing some issues with your connection when upstairs. 

I have checked our systems and haven't been able to identify any issues this end. 

How have things been since posting?

I can see WiFi Pods were also ordered for you so when you receive these, let us know if things improve. 

Forum Team

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This reads more like the Hub 5 Wi-Fi and or DHCP server are faulty / failed.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Would be far better if you just run an Ethernet cable and a small switch for the devices. WiFi can always give problems.

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