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HUB 4 is a complete disaster

Ok here goes. I am hugely disappointed with hub 4!

I got the new hub 4 after being contacted to say I could have it for free and that it would improve the wifi in our house.

Swapped it over, re connected several devices (not an easy task with multiple ring cameras and a nest) but hey ho this is supposed to be a better router right?

WRONG. nothing but drop outs and connection problems.

I have a lot of experience with wireless networks and have been fine with the hub 3 after tweaking it for over a year (which is sadly gone now as VM were very keen to get it back) but now I want the hub 3 back as I am not a big fan of climbing up ladders and missing security video due to much poorer wifi signals.

I have already restarted, reloaded factory, separated 2.4 and 5g etc etc blah blah blah. This thing stinks 

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Re: HUB 4 is a complete disaster

Unfortunately they shouldn't of sold it as better WiFi but on paper it does have better WiFi,

The reason they contacted you is because the modem in the Hub 4 is better and would mean it deals better in busy areas because its able to access more available bandwidth on the Virgin network.

Currently its still in the 'being new' stages where Virgin will be working on firmware updates to make it operate better.


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