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Tuning in
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Got a tenda router and all is well! Thanks for the help!

I got the router that was recommended on this board and set it up using the advice given by legacy1 and gary_dexter

OMG after searching and seeing the 3rd message by gary_dexter about using the bottom port to the wan input of the router, I decided to go back and check again and discovered an ID10-t error where I had mistakenly plugged in my hue hub into the wan port. Duh!

Everything, even my elgato key light is working properly and I've got wifi all the way to the garden!

I am so pleased and massive thanks to gary_dexter whose responses where instrumental in getting me connected with my tenda 


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Got a tenda router and all is well! Thanks for the help!

You’re welcome - glad your new modem (router 😉) is working well!!

This is the thread in question  for anyone’s reference -

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