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Got Hub 4 is terrible

Got the new Hub 4 Gig 1 broadband last week and its terrible.

All my previous smart devices like light bulbs and sockets no longer work.

Chromecast will not connect to the wifi also.

Wifi strength is even worse than the previous hub.

Total waste of paying the extra money.
Can't get a hold of anyone to talk to support.


I've tried rebooting it etc, switching off 5gz etc .


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Re: Got Hub 4 is terrible

Put the hub into modem mode and get your own router or mesh system

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Re: Got Hub 4 is terrible

I agree with Gary. You shouldnt have to I know but I ended up forking out £270 for a mesh solution and its rock solid. That was after the Hub 4 came with wi-fi extenders as well. I am sure there are cheaper solutions but I agree the Hub 4 isnt brilliant and might be worse than the Hub3 for wifi coverage

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Re: Got Hub 4 is terrible

I had the same issue with my smart devices that need 2.4 GHz, they stopped working when we got the Hub 4.

We managed to fix it with these settings.

Log into your hub on and your settings password that you can find on your hub (NOT your wifi password).

Go to Advanced Settings > Wireless > Wireless Signal

Disable Smart Wifi and the 5 GHz frequency.

Then change you 2.4 GHz to manual channel selection, and select either channel 1, 6, or 11.

Apply these settings and wait for them to save. You should now be able to connect the devices to the wifi network. Once they're connected you can revert your wifi settings back to what they were, it seems only the initial connections is an issue. Mine connected and has had no issues now for sometime 🙂

You'll just need to do this any time you have new device to add if you have issues with new ones, or add a new bulb.

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