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Gig1 broadband £33pm?

Joining in

Currently got 250mbs internet which I'm paying £18pm for. My 18 month contract expires in 6 months so will have to go through the hassle of organising a new deal shortly however I've just had the option to upgrade to gig1 fibre for an additional £15pm renewing for a new 18 month contract.

I don't particularly need the additional speed but it would be nice to have. Just wondering how this price sits compared to other people's offers before I make a decision


Community elder

My renewal quote was £50/month for Gig1 only.


18 months at £33 per month is a low price. Too low ???

The offshore sales are notorious for great price verbal offers that are never honoured once you are committed and the much larger bills start to arrive.  So is this an offer that is from the VM Online Account or is it by email or printed letter ?