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Getting massively high jitter on Wi-Fi network

Tuning in


I am looking for advice with regards to an issue iv been having with my wifi for sometime now. 

basically over the last 2-4 weeks or so iv noticed at random times and random durations each time that my internet becomes very jumpy to the point almost everything in my home runs sluggish / lags or just doesn’t load at all. Iv noticed this mostly on my PlayStation 5 both wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections and my IPhone 13 where pages just won’t load on the internet browser. 

now I have been monitoring the VM connect app for a couple weeks with regards to connected devices / speed tests. 

as it stands within the last 2 days alone I have had to pause / block several connections that do not belong to myself or my home. Even at times the names are of items I do not own. 

now even after consistently removing these random devices i still get jittery internet and I have attached a photo of my latest speed test done around 10 minutes ago from this post time and it shows stupidly high jitter. 

I have tried every single avenue and option I have come across to fix this aswell as the generic unplug all cables reconnect make sure alls connected properly etc but it changes nothing. 

sometimes my uploads hover around the 30-50mb mark where they should be but today a fair few times it has went way down to 2mb upload speed. 

please note :


not entirely sure iv put this post in the correct place for someone to respond but would greatly appreciate if not someone could bump me to the correct place thanks. 




The VM Connect app has serious errors in the reporting of Jitter and Latency.

Divide the reported Jitter figure by 180 to get an idea of the reality.
Device the reported Latency figure by 1000 to get the correct answer.

Do not use the VM Connect app to block unknown / unrecognised devices. Those are the connections are from your laptops and mobile phones / tablets that have MAC Address Randomisation enabled. It is very easy to block yourself using the VM Connect app ... then how would you unravel the mess ???

Hi and thanks for the response. I can guarantee I have not blocked myself at all. As I have 3 devices only connected on a daily basis and those same 3 are still and always have been connected along with these other devices again that I do not own. 

the jitter I’ll run further traces etc when I can but I’m convinced there’s something not right as my speeds slow down quite a lot but I’ll make sure. 


Signal Level Checks

Via connect to the Hub in Router mode, do not login in, scroll down to "Check router status"     Use for a Hub in Modem mode

Using the Hub's "Check router status" tabs check the Downstream and Upstream power levels are in spec.

Downstream Power Levels of -7 to +7 dBmV are preferred, +10dBmV is the max acceptable, with a SNR of 33dB or higher across all DOCSIS 3.0 channels. Rising error counts across many channels is a current service noise fault.

Power Levels of 35 to 49 dBmV are preferred, with QAM 64 Modulation mode across all four to six DOCSIS 3.0 channels.  Seeing QAM 32/16 is a current service noise fault.