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Getting PODs to cover house is impossible?

Tuning in

Hi, I have joined VM just one week ago and paid for installation. Knowing my house size, shape and thick walls I requested 2 Pods when I signed up- these were promised.

I have rooms in my house with no Wi-Fi at all, and cannot connect to get a failed scan so I can order. Therefore impossible to order correct? 
Several calls, chats and a formal complaint later, still no sign of a Pod. I am on Volt 500 and it clearly says up to 3- I would not have joined VM if this were not the case.
A challenge to any VM team to address this for me? 


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Quill-01,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear you've been having some issue with the WiFi, and obtaining the PODs.

I can see from our side you've been able to contact us regarding this. If you do still need help with this please let us know.


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Quill-01,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear you've been having some issue with the WiFi, and obtaining the PODs.

I can see from our side you've been able to contact us regarding this. If you do still need help with this please let us know.


Thanks Alex, after several hours chasing your complaints team have been in contact. Things are at last moving but frustration is very high because of VM “internal policy”.

I will now get one POD delivered and then need to order another if it is required. It was at least expedited but I was told last week technician was booked and a pod was ordered- neither of which was the case. I can have a technician visit or a pod, not both.

So not resolved, and may take some time to resolve. 
it is clear VM want to minimize issue of Pods, not unreasonable but honesty with customers and more consideration to customers is needed. The installation technician could have resolved this at installation if he had the pods as I was told he would.

And the impossible question: if App Connect cannot even see the network because of coverage, how can any testing by VM determine if a pod is needed? Trust the customer and the installation technician.

I cannot be delighted with the otherwise excellent Wi-Fi when it only covers half the house and security and tv rooms not connected.

not a great welcome to VM sadly.


Hi Alex, I now have added the first Pod and as expected it partially helps. I now need the second to deliver coverage to 2 rooms where there is now signal at all, and so cannot scan with Connect. I did check locations for Pod1 and it is in the only place it can be to extend through the walls. Now I need to extend to the porch security and strengthen TV lounge. 

I used Connect to see how close I can get to even connect to the Wi-Fi… I need that Pod

i cannot see anywhere that allows me to place an order. When I go to My Package as one thread says there is nothing there. I am on Volt 500.

So who can place an order for me? Customer Complaints team said they would call me but have not. Can you/ colleagues here help?

Hi @Quill-01 

Thanks for coming back to the thread. What happens when you try and run the scan in those rooms? Does the signal drop? 

If a further Pod needed, we can only order a week after you've received the first Pod and activated it.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Hi John. There is no Wi-Fi detectable at all in two device locations. Consequently there is no way of scanning because Connect cannot connect at all- Wi-Fi hub not found. Signal is therefore zero gb in these locations. Simply a matter of coverage, and needs the mesh type solution to map around the house. 
I walk away from the device location and about 3-4 meters away the signal picks up one bar on Wi-Fi, and I can then barely run a scan, it takes ages, often fails to connect.

This is after the first pod is in place. My house has always needed at least 2 to get through a very thick wall then extend the length of the house to the front of the house.

your complaints team promised to ring the day after the first pod arrived last week and did not. They said they would then immediately despatch the second pod I need.

I have raised a further complaint that I have not been contacted as promised and awaiting VM response. Now two weeks with no tv room and front security devices cannot connect because of the lack of coverage. 

the Connect app does not offer any means to place an order because there is no connection to it in these areas, because of lack of coverage- which is what pods do!

Frustration level with VM process and systems is very high. Customer satisfaction is very low- I am a new customer who paid for installation which is not complete after 2 weeks.

I would be grateful to anyone who can just get the next device to me. 

Hi @Quill-01 

Thanks for your response.

Once a week has surpassed, we'll be able to have another pod delivery scheduled for you, please do come back to us once it has been 7 days since the install of the pods and we'll be more than happy to have this resolved for you.


Forum Team

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Hi, a hopelessly inadequate response to the issue. Customer services promised the next day last week- but so many broken promises from VM I despair.

NO SECURITY on my house because of this nonsense. 
VM do not advertise that the pods are only available in this way. I am certain I would not have chosen VM if I had known about this- I was promised they would be delivered at installation.

Can you please forward this response to anyone there who has any sense of authority to resolve it?

Alessandro Volta

Hi Quill-01.  Unfortunately the way Virginmedia has been set up and operates, no one in the company has authority to change anything. They all work according to their scripts.

You can make complaints, but as you have already found these are rarely effective. 

Welcome to Virginmedia! 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Are you still within the 14-day cooling off period since installation day?  If so you are free to cancel the whole contract and incur no charges whatsoever. 


I do not work for VM. My services: HD TV on VIP (+ Sky Sports & Movies & BT sport), x3 V6 boxes (1 wired, 2 on WiFi) Hub5 in modem mode with Apple Airport Extreme Router +2 Airport Express's. On Volt 350Mbps, Talk Anytime Phone, x2 Mobile SIM only iPhones.