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Garden room

I have a garden room about 30 metres away from the router, top of the garden, i want internet, however hard wiring that distance is out the question as would need to run through to many rooms then outside, any other suggestions please, or does is it possible that virgin can install something that works, im an IT Dinosaur. so go easy please

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Re: Garden room

Well, you’ve already ruled out the “best” way of doing it - though have you considered exiting the house where the hub is installed (rather than running it through the rooms indoors?). A local electrician should be able to do this for you at a reasonable cost..

If you really don’t want to run a cable then you could try to install some powerline adapters, though for these to work properly you’ll want them on the same ring main - it might work across rings, depending on how your house / cabin are wired, but they aren’t a great solution and can be unreliable.

You could run a point-to-point wireless solution, but that’s a little bit more techy to set up, and will also involve the running of wires to a point that you have line of sight to the cabin..

you could try a wireless mesh system though i’m unsure how it will perform over that sort of distance - others here should be able to comment on that though..


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Re: Garden room



I will be honest with you that option you are ruling out is the only real option you have.

Virgin won't install a connection point to it.

Powerline wont work - as john says you will be on a different ring.

Point to point will give you weak, if any wireless.

And Mesh is just more powerful wifi but covering 30 metres is beyond its capabilities even if it was triband mesh.


I would take to scouring the internet for networking/telecoms engineers who can physically come to your property and discuss the solutions with you.


Another cheaper possibility if coverage is good, is getting a 4g plug and play router, some providers even do 5g!! prices range from 10-15 a month but worth having a look - no landline or install required on these things just an electrical point!

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