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Re: Frustrating service - where do I stand?

If you thought things couldn't get any funnier....

I noticed the Virgin team turned up a day early as they were prodding the ground at the front of my house. I went out to say hi and they asked me where the cable went into the house, so I showed them the entry point at the rear of the garden. They were then confused as to why my cable came round the rear when most other people's came round the front - there was also a third access point on the side of the building. I said I'd leave my gate open for them, but next thing I noticed, they'd packed up and gone.

Early next morning I hear drilling - didn't investigate as was busy - then about 2pm a knock on the door - a technician from Virgin who again asked me where the cable came into my house and I repeated what I'd told the other team. He then told me the morning team had recabled the FRONT point which was useless. He left.

Then at 4pm the team who'd turned up the day before came back, (they weren't the early morning team) and told me they'd tried to recable along the back, but the conduit was jammed - they discussed various ways of recabling my property, before finally announcing that they'd just located and fixed an area fault.

Running a Broadband monitor since then, I've had no dropouts now for 16h so it looks like the "area fault" fixed the issue. 

So all the work done in my house, the wrong recabling job etc, looks like it was a complete waste of time.

Now, I've just got to go through the same shenanigans again to get my mum's Virgin sorted as it has exactly the same issue.

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