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Frustrating Bluetooth peripheral dropouts

Tuning in

TL;DR The Hub 3 is causing the issues.

A few months ago my 5 year old Hub 3 started dropping connection frequently. I managed to book an engineer and Virgin agreed to replace my Hub 3 with a new one.

All was fine until a couple of days later I started getting issues with two particular Bluetooth peripherals; an Apple mouse and keyboard. They would just randomly drop connection, sometimes every minute. Just imagine how frustrating this is when working.

After months of troubleshooting (I have a lot of smart home networking stuff going on) I tried to eliminate every source of possible interference by switching off home network devices for hours at a time and if the dropouts persisted I could safely say “this one isn’t causing the issue”, etc. For a while I thought it may be channel interference with a neighbour’s router, there are one or two giving very strong signals when I check in the macOS networking pane.

Anyway, I eventually concluded that the culprit was the Hub 3. If I switch that off completely, I get no Bluetooth dropout issues.

What I suspect may be happening is the auto channel switching is causing this, say when it detects a neighbour’s router and switches to avoid a conflict. Equally when I turn off smart switching and manually select channels this may still be the case, i.e, the neighbour’s router has switched to the same channel. But I just can’t understand why I never has this issue before and why it only seems to effect those two peripherals. For 5 years and beyond I had no issues until this Hub 3 was swapped out for a new one so could this Hub 3 simply be defective or its firmware is different and causing the issue?

I’ve tried and exhausted so many channel configurations, also killing 5GHz just leaving 2.4GHz and vice-versa. Sometimes it felt like setting channels manually seemed to do the trick, but either; almost immediately, later that day, or the next day, the dropouts starting happening again. Sometime weeks will go by with no issue at all. It’s baffling.

I am now considering perhaps a third-party router will help (using the Hub 3 in modem mode). But I thought I’d check in here and see if anyone had any thoughts. It is a maddening and frustrating experience to have work constantly interrupted by these drop outs. Any advice appreciated.



We have a Hub 3 in Router mode, below are the settings we use for good stability.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @MandoCalrissian, thanks for posting and welcome to our community.

Sorry to hear you've had issues with some bluetooth devices since replacing your hub 3. And sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing you. Have you had time to follow the advice from Client62?  And if so, how are things going for you now?



Thanks for the advice, but I already mentioned that I’d tried numerous channel configs. 

I tested switching off the Hub3 Wi-Fi completely and using ethernet only for a day, no issues at all. So have bought and installed a third party router today and am using modem mode, all the problems I was having have been resolved so far. Will post back in a few weeks.


Hi MandoCalrissian, 

Thanks for coming back to us on this and letting us know. 

We're sorry that the dropouts continued despite changing your settings. There are occasions when some devices only like very specific settings so it can make it difficult to get everything working as one. 

We're glad things are resolved for you since updating your set up and hopefully it will stay this way. 

Please keep us posted and you know where we are if you have any further issues. 


Forum Team

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Joining in

I have been having this exact issue with a Logitech K850 keyboard and mouse combo which has been rendered useless and i have only just twigged it could be the router. I think i will have a play by turning off the wifi off etc.

I have tried the modem mode previously and nothing would work properly, but i may try the settings above and see how i get on.

Tuning in

Update: 6 months later using a Netgear Nighthawk router + modem node — absolutely no issues. The Hub 3, at least the unit I have, was 100% the issue. 


We have a Bluetooth Logitech Keyboard / Mouse, my mobile phone disrupts their performance.

The VM Hub 3 on my desk it does not cause any issues.