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Frequent broadband drops

Hi, my broadband connection is dropping several times per hour, making working from home impossible. 

How do you actually log a fault with Virgin  I've looked in the my VM app, VM connect app and can't see a way that's not post on an Internet forum and wait days for a reply

Service status shows no issues.

I'm using the SH4 in modem mode. 



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Re: Frequent broadband drops

can you set up a BQM - once set up, find the Live Graph and click "Create Sharing Link" - post that back here - as you're using a 3rd party router (i assume, as you mention your in modem mode) you'll need to ensure that the firewall is configured to allow pings to the WAN interface

Next, browse to your hub on  as you're on a hub4, log in and navigate to Advanced - look for "Router Status" (not entirely sure where it is in the hub4, other than somewhere in "advanced") - copy/paste the tables from the Upstream, Downstream and Network Log tabs back to this thread - you'll need multiple posts for this, the info wont all fit into a single one..

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