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Frequent Internet Dropouts and Disconnections

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Hi all,

Over the last few weeks, i have been getting frequent drop outs at random times every day. They keep on disconnecting me from games and stops streaming of my family members. I have restarted the router (Hub 5 - Gig1) and tried it in both modem and router mode. The issues persist in both states. I currently have it in router mode with 2g and 5g off, hooked up with a velop mesh network. 

I have been reading other posts, and started a BQM and logged into the hub to get the relevant downstream and upstream data that has been requested. I should state though, that when it comes to the Network Log, it never loads for me. It just keeps on doing the spinning, loading animation, but never shows any data. If this changes, i will also post the network log data.

The disconnections happen with both wifi and ethernet. I have checked to make sure all cables are secure and connected properly.

BQM Link:

 Thank you


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Jamla, thanks for keeping this thread updated and sorry to hear the issues you've been experiencing reoccurred recently.

Upon our latest checks the SNR outage we had seems to have cleared, also your hub connection looks fine from this end.

Could you please advise how the broadband performs since your latest post on Monday?
Also, have you rebooted the hub after the area issue was resolved to see if the connection problems clear?

Please, tell us more and we're happy to assist further where needed.

Forum Team

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Ive had non stop issues today (and almost every single day ive had packet losses/disconnections). I WFH and this is really, really starting to cause me severe issues with my job. I cannot explain how frustrating this situation is that just doesnt seem to go away (and yes, ive restarted my hub...).

I hope this gets fixed soon, and i genuinely believe that its abysmal that VM are taking the full price of a broken service every month. I cant wait for my contract to end so I can leave.

On our wavelength

Again, today same issues. Trying to work and suddenly the internet isn’t working. I’m constantly having to tether to my phone. This is unacceptable and seriously causing me so much unnecessary stress while trying to work. How can this be deemed ok, or faultless from virgin media?

Hi @Jamla 

Thanks for coming back to the thread. I am sorry to hear of any issues ongoing. We've done a system check and no issues are showing.

Could you pop the router in router mode, then set up a BQM?

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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