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Frequent Internet Dropouts and Disconnections

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Hi all,

Over the last few weeks, i have been getting frequent drop outs at random times every day. They keep on disconnecting me from games and stops streaming of my family members. I have restarted the router (Hub 5 - Gig1) and tried it in both modem and router mode. The issues persist in both states. I currently have it in router mode with 2g and 5g off, hooked up with a velop mesh network. 

I have been reading other posts, and started a BQM and logged into the hub to get the relevant downstream and upstream data that has been requested. I should state though, that when it comes to the Network Log, it never loads for me. It just keeps on doing the spinning, loading animation, but never shows any data. If this changes, i will also post the network log data.

The disconnections happen with both wifi and ethernet. I have checked to make sure all cables are secure and connected properly.

BQM Link:

 Thank you


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All morning ive been having major packet loss 

On our wavelength

As seen from the link above, I've been having major issues for nearly 3 hours. Ive checked for faults, but theres none listed in my area. Could it potentially be the hub 5? 

Hello Jamla,

Thanks for your post.

Sorry for the issues you have had with the Hub.

Can I please ask if things have settled down now for you?

I checked the Hub and stats and its all looking perfect.


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Hi Gareth,

It seems during the weekend, things more or less are stable, during the week though, I frequently get large amounts of packet loss that results in unusable internet for those period of packet loss. Makes it hard as well when i work from home.

Hi @Jamla,

Thank you for the update on this. I'm really sorry to hear you're still experiencing problems with the instability on your network. I've taken a look at things on our end and can see that there has been some packet loss and frequent disconnections over the last few days.

I'm going to drop you a private message so we can get somebody out to take a look at things. Please look out for it in the top-right, in the purple envelope.


Reece - Forum Team

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Hi, i'm actually so, incredibly over the service being offered by virgin currently. Still, i am experiencing DAILY packet loss situations at my property, as is my neighbour. Ive had 2 engineers come to my place, tried different hubs, and i still experience the same issues. I'm offered no discounts on monthly bills, which is shocking considering im not getting the service i require. I'm positive this is down to virgin just hooking up everyone and their nans to the service. My contract is up this year, and i WONT be renewing it unless virgin does something to fix this issue. 

I think the worst of it was nearly missing out on a new job promotion, because good ol' virgin decided to have packet loss during my interview, to which i couldnt be heard properly from the other side and disconnected. I've found myself having to tether more and more to my mobile service. Why am i paying for 1gig, if im having to tether? Honestly, sort it out. 

I've even issued a formal complaint, and nothing came of it. Customer support is hopeless, talking about sending out 'pods'. Hows that gonna stop the packet loss?

Hi Jamla, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the connection and that it is dropping. 

Can you do a reboot as the hub has not been rebooted for 24 days, please let us know if anything changes?

Kind regards, Chris. 

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Hi, I have restarted it, and unfortunately I am still getting multiple drop outs a day. It’s honestly so ridiculous that I have to have constant anxiety while working from home if I’m going to drop from a meeting or be unable to complete work because packet loss is still causing me issues. I have to tether to my phone most days because the service is so unreliable, yet VM still has the nerve to change me the full price every month of a service that doesn’t work how it should every single day. I’ve honestly had enough of this.

Hi Jamla,

I've had a look at things from our side, it looks like you're affected by an area SNR issue, the estimated fix time for this is the 20th April. If you're still experiencing connection problems past this date please let us know.


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Hi, currently suffering a disconnection as I write this, so now have to tether to my phone so I can continue to work from home..